Paintings by Stephen Boczanowski

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Items marked with an asterisk are available as Giclee prints. Giclee prints are high quality computer generated reproductions of these selected paintings done on archive paper. They can be printed to any desired size and the are much less expensive than the original work.

Newbury Traffic
Salem St. North End
Up Newbury Street
Winter Fleet
Majestic Cottages *
Early Morning Newbury Street *
Early Morning Low Tide
Fishing Dragger
Newbury Morning
The Last Cottage
Barnstable Pier
Blue Awning *
North End Alley
Old North Station *
Up Beacon Street
Rebecca Road
North End Morning *
Resident Parking Only
Old South Church
Fishing Fleet II
Backyard Cottages
Newbury Street Boutiques
Sunset Cottages
Brandon In Port
Newbury Shadows
Room at the Top
Tetti Italiano
Downtown Crossing II
Close Quarters
Downtown Shoppers
The Ole Quarterdeck
Do Not Enter
Moonlit Cottage
Fishing Trawlers
Pier Pressure
Family 1936
The Gathering
The Villagers